Keep Your Child Healthy, Happy, And Safe

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Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Brunswick, Chagrin Falls, Kirtland & Mentor, OH

Filtashield© Treatments
For Deep Disinfecting

Quarterly FiltaShield© spray treatments disinfect and kill 99% of bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses in minutes. This eco-friendly anti-viral solution is an easy, effective way to keep your child’s spaces hospital-grade clean.

Daily Professional Cleaning Keeps Your Child Safe

A professional cleaning crew takes care of your child’s classes and bathrooms, paying close attention to high-traffic spots like doorknobs and light switches, killing germs on the spot for an assured deep clean.

Staff And School-Aged Children Wear Masks

The evidence is clear: wearing masks decreases the risk of infection and safeguards health. That’s why staff and school children wear them daily, keeping your child safe.

No Visitors Limits The Risk Of Exposure

For the time being, no visitors come into the buildings, so your child’s spaces stay as germ-free as possible, also making it easier to track possible infection to inform the next steps.

Temperature And Health Screenings Ensure Wellness

Every day, your child and the staff get their temperatures checked for signs of fever. Health screenings also ensure all who enter are symptom-free, keeping your child’s spaces free of possible infection.

Handwashing Helps Wash Germs Down The Drain

Your child’s teachers encourage them to use proper handwashing techniques several times a day, especially when toileting, eating, or transitioning between activities. Clean hands mean fewer germs on shared surfaces, minimizing the risk of spread.

A ZONO© Cabinet Sanitizes All Hard-To-Clean Objects

The state-of-the-art ZONO© sanitizing cabinet uses ozone technology to wipe out illness- and odor-causing microbes on soft toys, art supplies, learning materials, and more. ZONO© cabinets offer a safe, eco-friendly way to disinfect and sanitize hard-to-clean surfaces and small objects.

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