Preparing Your Pre-K Student To Take On The World

Cognitive Skills And Support Prepares Them To Advance With Confidence

Pre-k 4 - 5 Years | Serving Brunswick, Chagrin Falls, Kirtland & Mentor, OH

Your Child's Essentials Are All Taken Care Of

Your child’s day-to-day needs are always met, like diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and meals, so that you can put your focus where it belongs and have one less thing to worry about.

A Clean And Safe Space With Zono Sanitizing Cabinet

Your child plays, learns, eats, and moves in an environment that is always clean and sanitized. Zono is a sanitizing cabinet created from ambient air and under a one-half ounce of water that thoroughly cleans both porous and nonporous surfaces for a healthy clean.

Stay Connected Through Live Stream Technology

Your child is learning, discovering, interacting, and building every day, and through the use of the PB&J app, you can see what your little one is up to throughout the day, for 5-minute intervals.

A Comforting Family Feel At “The Purple School”

Your child always feels right at home while with us. It’s the family-owned, personalized touch that ensures they feel comfortable and that you receive the support you need.

The more support you have, the better. We support You With:

Collaborative Curriculum© For True Kindergarten Readiness

This play-based approach covers various engaging subjects and projects and gives your Pre-K student the hands-on experience that will leave them feeling empowered and ready to take on their next level.

Promote Creativity With Art And Music Appreciation

Your child doesn’t just learn what they need to know to succeed academically. They also experience the world of music and art through participation, information, and visual exposure that teaches them all about expression and creativity.

Energize Your Child With Movement And Play

Daily movement is part of your little one’s growth and development, and Pre-K students love the vast playground, featuring bike-riding and crawling over the playground structures. Daily outdoor play is part of what it takes to keep them happy and healthy.

Hot, Delicious Meals They Look Forward To

Your growing child’s daily menu consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains prepared by an on-site chef so that you never have to worry about whether they receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy, with vegetarian options available.

Qualified And Certified Teachers Build Confidence

As your child prepares to enter Kindergarten, having instruction, you can trust is essential. Your little student learns from teachers who come equipped with the degrees and certifications necessary to make sure they feel prepared, confident, and ready for anything.

We've Earned A Five-Star Step Up To Quality Rating And Two Prestigious Awards.

What Our Parents Are Saying...

I am very pleased with the staff here.Our daughter has made friends and a lot of strides,as well.Very professional and caring about the children!

Paula Pickett Shrewsbury

My daughter loves this place. All she does when I pick her up is talk about her class and what she's learned today. I absolutely love this facility, by in large far superior to the place she was at before

Bernard Shrewsbury

Our son has the best teachers anyone could ever ask for. The improvements he has made in behavior and the new things he learns and brings home everyday makes me wish we left our old day care a long time ago. Thank you = )

Adam Byrem

Customizable, All-Inclusive Childcare: Your Child's Experience Is Everything.